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Women are in love. Neither of them dies. The end is … happy. The blog Medieval POC , which is dedicated to showcasing people of color in European art history, gives the film an enthusiastic thumbs-up. It turns out, this movie was pretty much exactly what I was hoping it would be. The murder mystery plot is funny and corny and surprising and had a lot of twists and turns. The romance focuses on chemistry, intimacy, softness, and wooing. Two beautiful ladies in perfect gowns, hair, and makeup in gorgeous settings and lighting must somehow solve a murder mystery that has to do with the building of the Eiffel Tower, rescue each other from jail, asylums, and many more mysterious dangers—all while casually flipping off the patriarchy so they can be together forever in eternal bliss. The plot is basically this:

HomeAway is renting out the Eiffel Tower for the first time ever

She has typical parents , a lazy, annoying older brother named Brad, and her best friends Bernice and Delta. Her main rival is Tiffany the cheerleader, and the men in her life are nerdy Gunther and handsome Aaron Hill and his Suspiciously Similar Substitutes. Sometimes funny, and occasionally poignant, it’s known for capitalizing on current trends, and dropping Anvilicious subplots about various subjects i.

Most of the characters seem to exist as two-dimensional archetypes, with rare glimpses into more aspects of their personalities, so you will find a lot of tropes in here played totally straight though Tropes Are Not Bad.

Eifel Community Schools The Saber E-Herald – Archive Fact Sheets Environmental Units. Traffic Management Office Area Defense Counsel Teen Dating. Posted 04/14/ New Parent. Shaken Baby Syndrome. Posted 04/14/ SUIDS & Co-sleeping. Posted 04/14/ Home & Hospital Visits. Posted 04/14/ Car Seats.

We have travelled tens of thousands of miles in Europe locating them, and our sources are as varied as the stoves themselves with often a story behind a find The stoves can range from museum quality to full restoration projects with just about everything in between, so we are confidant that we have stoves for most tastes and pockets. Antique and classic stoves come in many shapes sizes and enamel colours, there are a few examples on this page.

Some are so powerful they will burn almost anything that is combustible! Most French and Belgian stoves were cast in foundries centered on the Ardennes region with some similar styles appearing from the Eifel area of Germany. The high quality fine casting with the artistry in design and remarkable enamel work marks out the stoves from this region and era from stove production from elsewhere in the world with a few companies having survived to this day De Dietrich, Deville, Rosieres and Godin plus one or two others.

We have over time collected a large number of original catalogues which helps us date and quantify many of the stoves we have for sale, even to the point of spare part numbers and the cost of the stove when new! We are happy to share this information with you if we have the relevant catalogue and will give you a copy of the relevant catalogue page on purchase of a stove from us. Please remember that all the stoves we sell are at least 50 years old, many are more than years old and allow for that.

That so many are still intact is a testament to the love and care which was shown to them, coupled to the fact that most were very high quality which isn’t always achieved today, but it’s possible that there maybe enamel scratches or even cracks in the castings which is just part of the history of a particular stove, in most cases the stoves still function in the manner they were designed to when originally cast. After searching years we found this startling addition to our personal stove collection, a Jazz multifuel stove by the French foundry Nanquette.

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The Eiffel Tower is easily the most iconic Parisian image, but most people do not know very much about the structure’s history. Once you read our Eiffel Tower facts, you’ll know a little bit more about one of the most famous buildings in the world. Eiffel specialized in metal structural work.

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Whereas contextual seriation is based on the presence or absence of a design style , frequency seriation relies on measuring the proportional abundance or frequency of a design style. Contextual seriation is often used for reconstructing the chronological sequence of graves as only the presence or absence of a design style or type is important. Frequency seriation is applied in case of large quantities of objects belonging to the same style. An example are assemblages of pottery sherds each including roughly the same range of types though in different proportions.

History[ edit ] Flinders Petrie excavated at Diospolis Parva in Egypt in the late nineteenth century. He found that the graves he was uncovering contained no evidence of their dates and their discrete nature meant that a sequence could not be constructed through their stratigraphy. Petrie listed the contents of each grave on a strip of cardboard and swapped the papers around until he arrived at a sequence he was satisfied with. Whereas Petrie is considered the inventor of contextual seriation, Brainerd [5] and Robinson [6] were the first to address the problem of frequency seriation Shennan , p.

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A gift from France to the United States that the U. The copper statue proved to be instantly popular — despite having a few slight issues. For one thing, copper has something of a corrosion problem.

Its unique construction is now known to represent this country, in much the same way as Big Ben is representative of London, and the Eifel Tower is of France. It was originally opened to the public in by Queen Elizabeth II and since then has become the concert place of many a famous star and starlet.

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Aachen: cathedral city of Europe.

Hedge laying If hedges are not maintained and trimmed regularly, gaps tend to form at the base over many years. In essence, hedgelaying consists of cutting most of the way through the stem of each plant near the base, bending it over and interweaving or pleaching it between wooden stakes. This also encourages new growth from the base of each plant.

Dating back to the 20s, Art Nouveau is an architectural and artistic movement that immediately followed the time of the construction of the Eiffel Tower and prefigured the Art Deco of the 30s. It has inspired the famous Gustav Klimt whose paintings illuminate the rooms and corridors of the Eiffel Seine Hotel.

Vacation rental service HomeAway is giving away the chance to spend a night in the Eiffel Tower to four contestants in a company-run competition as part of its sponsorship of this summer’s UEFA Euro cup. AirBnB rival visualizes the grossness of apartment shares The company is claiming that the winners will be the first to sleep inside the landmark in its year history, a distinction that seems hard to definitively prove.

A makeshift bedroom and living space will be set up in the tower’s first floor for the occasion. The overnight stay is part of a vacation package that also includes a three-night stay elsewhere in the city and round-trip transportation costs. Entrants have to address a writing prompt on what they plan to do with the accommodations for the benefit of a panel of judges. HomeAway CEO Brian Sharples said he was initially a bit thrown when his marketing team brought him the idea, billing it as a splashy way for the company to spread the word about its sponsorship of the games.

The city of Paris may have been equally taken aback when HomeAway employees, upon receiving Sharples’ blessing to give it a shot, broached the proposal with the French capital’s authorities. The Eiffel Tower contest is similar to Airbnb’s “Night At” series , in which the short-term rental service offers “iconic spaces” for one-night stays. Part of HomeAway’s campaign is a commercial that mocks hotels and on-demand sharing services like Airbnb, with narration from Nick Offerman.

A French-language version of that ad is currently running on television in France. As the continent’s top vacation destination, France — and Paris in particular — accounts for an inordinate amount of that share.

Eifel Formation

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Eifel’s defense during the subsequent attle of the Idulge. In one book, no mention of the battle is made other than dating C it soLmewhere between the 4 September capture of Antwerp and the beginning of the Arnhem “arket Garden” operation. The official chronology simply states.

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She earned popularity in the American Television journalism as one of the most beautiful and young meteorologists. Scott has the high capability to capture the attention of her audiences through her attractiveness, voice tone and capability of sharing the information in the program. She is an American by nationality and belongs to the White-American ethnicity. Cheryl earned Bachelors degree in geological science from the Brown University in

XRS Germany R3 Report On the past weekend the Xray Challenge was held on the Astroturf track of the RCRT Duisburg mehr.

It lies about 40 km SW of the smaller, but better known, East Eifel volcanic field. Individual vents, most of which cover a broad NW-SE-trending area extending about 50 km from the towns of Ormont on the NW to Bad Bertrich on the SE, were erupted above a mantle plume through Devonian sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. About eruptions have occurred during the past , years. The latest eruptions formed the Ulmener, Pulvermaar, and Strohn maars around the end of the Pleistocene and the beginning of the Holocene.

References The following references have all been used during the compilation of data for this volcano, it is not a comprehensive bibliography. Buchel G, Lorenz V,


The assignment instruction can only change the value of a field of the current object, or a local variable of the current routine. All changes to other objects must be accomplished by calls to methods of that object. Direct access to fields of other objects is “read only” in Eiffel. The iteration loop instruction in Eiffel does not provide a field or clause which will step the loop.

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To maintain quality, please follow the cleaning procedures outlined here. The instructions for the care and maintenance of Herman Miller products are provided to you as a service. No warranty is implied since results may vary. Plastic Shell Normal cleaning Wash plastic surfaces with a soft cloth soaked in mild detergent and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.

Do not use solvents or abrasive kitchen cleaners. Wire Base and 4-Leg Base Normal cleaningWash surface with a soft cloth soaked in mild detergent and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean soft cloth. Wood Dowel Base Normal cleaning Dust regularly with a slightly damp, soft, lint-free cloth. Wipe dry with a dry, soft cloth in the directionof the wood grain.

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Your vote has been counted. After starting out life as the imperial palace’s chapel in AD the year of Charlemagne’s coronation , the completed building became the first cathedral in northern Europe and for many centuries served as the church of coronation for nearly every German king. The term ‘completed’ is open to interpretation, however, since the cathedral has been extended numerous times, including the addition of the great chancel in — a Gothic masterpiece whose windows reach an impressive 27 metres in height, making them the tallest ever at that time.

The cathedral’s treasury is the most important north of the Alps and features precious artefacts such as the Cross of Lothair, a silver and gold bust of Charlemagne and the shrine in which Charlemagne was supposedly interred in AD. Both the cathedral and its treasury are among the highlights on the Charlemagne Route, the historical path that winds through Aachen.

Every checkpoint on the route focuses on a different topic:

Germany’s capital, Berlin, is a huge part of the country’s historical and cultural significance. For example, the 18th century Brandenburg Gate is a symbol of reunification and a main landmark for tourists to visit, housing a massive park and parliament nearby.

Posted on January 23, by Steve Drury 1 comment Although the frigid conditions at the last glacial maximum, around 19 to 20 thousand years ago, gradually relinquished their grip through slow global warming, this amelioration came to sudden stop around 12 years before the present. Northern hemisphere ice-core and other climate records show that there was a return to glacial conditions over a period of a few decades at most, to launch what is known as the Younger Dryas stadial that lasted over a thousand years until about 11 years ago, with the onset of the warm, climatically more stable Holocene that launched the transformation of the human way of life.

The start of the Younger Dryas had dramatic effects throughout the northern hemisphere, the cold conditions emerging suddenly from an immense oceanographic change; a weakening or the halt of the North Atlantic thermohaline circulation in which cold, very salty surface waters at the fringe of the Arctic Ocean sink to drag warmer water to high latitudes. In short, the Gulf Stream slowed or stopped its warming influence at high northern latitudes.

Current thoughts centre on a freshening of surface sea water following the collapse of the North American ice sheet to gush meltwater and icebergs into the North Atlantic to buoy-up surface waters. Major climate shifts in Europe since 18 ka credit: Wikipedia Most of the data about this climatic shock can only be dated accurately to within a few centuries: To resolve the start and stop ages needs records that include several indicators: The most reliable markers for correlation are volcanic ashes that can be dated radiometrically and which drift on the wind to be deposited over very large areas.

If sedimentary sequences that accumulated continuously preserve such ashes, contain clear signs of climatic change and clearly record the passage of time in great detail, there is a chance of resolving climatic events very accurately; but they are no common. A British-German team have located and analysed two such promising sites Land, C. Volcanic ash reveals time transgressive abrupt climate change during the Younger Dryas.

One of them is from the bed of a lake that formed by a single volcanic eruption Meerfelder Maar in the Eifel region of western Germany.

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