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By hook or by crook, Nintendo is a business that survives, adapting, pioneering, and, like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, just finding a way. But no company is immortal, not even Nintendo.

Jun 17, 81 Comments Over the last couple of days we’ve broken down the results of our Most Wanted Driver Test a couple of different ways. Today we’re presenting a slightly different look at our results. While we admittedly lean towards a comprehensive view of performance, we know there are a substantial number of you who want one thing, and one thing only out of your driver: About These Rankings We all love the long ball, so today we’re ranking the drivers in our test on what we’ve taken to calling Peak Distance.

To arrive at our averages we take the combined average of the longest 3 shots hit with each driver by each tester. Forget about forgiveness for a moment, the intent of our Peak Distance metric is to provide you with a sense of which drivers will produce the longest drives when contact is perfect Above and beyond the difference between drivers, what we find interesting is the gap between our Peak Distance average and the Overall Total Yards average.

That gap, which can rise above 15 yards, suggests there’s plenty of opportunity for manufacturers to improve consistency across more of the face. Of course, opportunity does not necessarily equate to ability, so it will certainly be interesting to see if these gaps can be narrowed. Here are the rankings.

Perth’s Lakeside Joondalup launches world’s longest catwalk on a train Online

Charlie Salvatore begins his ride Tuesday in Zephyrhills as he attempts to break a Guiness world record and raise money and awareness for the American Liver Foundation. As he motored out of Zephyrhills on a new Keeway Matrix scooter, Salvatore was followed by about 20 bikers and at least one Zephyrhills Police car — all there to help him start his journey safely. Salvatore, 24, hopes the scooter’s 50 cc engine helps get him to New Orleans today.

If he can travel the distance of just more than miles in less than 24 hours, he could break a Guinness World Record. The trip will not end in New Orleans. It’s a more than 5, mile trip.

I mean, I’m kinda glad they DIDN’T come up with a sequel, seeing as it probably would’ve been terrible, knowing Disney (even though I guess Hook itself is technically a sequel), but I dunno. I kind of always expected one for the longest time as a child.

Gotthard Pass and Gotthard Railway Since the 13th century, the 2, metre-high Gotthard Pass has been an important trade route from northern to southern Europe. Control of its access routes led to the birth of the Swiss Confederacy. It is the shortest link between the navigable Rhine and the Po. The traverse of the pass took days. Simplon , San Bernardino , Brenner , namely in , the first Saint-Gotthard Pass road was established after centuries-long usage of a bridle path.

In those days, it was still an adventure and it was only affordable to the very rich. In the autumn of , the final stagecoach traversed the pass.


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From Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico, The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is the longest continuous off pavement bike trail in the world.

I fished Port Stephens last Saturday with Capt. Billy Bilson on board his magnificent fishing machine Viking II. We set off from Nelson Bay with our charter Spot and his two mates who had previously never caught a Marlin. Instead, we decided to trolled skip baits into the area, intending on switching bait if required. Within minutes we had our first marlin of the day take a skip bait and after a short but fierce battle, a 90kg black marlin was released!

Shortly after we had two marlin up behind the boat. What do you do when one marlin wants to go on holidays on the Gold Coast and the other marlin thinks life has to be easier down Bermagui way? Well you do the best you can! I have been on board Viking II on previous occasions with Capt, Billy Billson when he has experienced double hook-ups and I have witnessed the most incredible boat manoeuvring to release both marlin. At times a decision has to be made to apply sunset drag on one to release one fast or lose one and concentrate on the other.

We continued trolling and our other two anglers released their first marlin. Our first angler released his second, giving us a total of four marlin for the day and the smiles on the faces of our anglers said it all. Billy Billson, who is one of the few legends of marlin fishing in Australia, but will always remember those two marlin on that Saturday in February that took off like steam trains in opposite directions.

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The national development and patriotism which characterises their rule does only wonders for the countries they lead. They plunder much-needed resources from their countries while the populace starves and the national coffers run on deficits. He sat is Chairman in the council in the same year when his uncle was convicted and executed for crimes including mass murder, genocide, embezzlement of public funds and treason.

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Entertainment , World News – Dreadlocks are popular among African men and women. They are said to have roots from the Rastafarians of Jamaica – Florida-born Asha Mandela holds the record for having the dreadlocks in the world at 55 ft. Emmanuel Chege, a qualified hairstylist owns long dreadlocks of his own, but not as long as those of his newly found wife Asha Mandela from Florida, USA.

Nov 19,  · Supercalifragiliticexpialidocious was a made up word for the Mary Poppins movie. If it has entered the Dictionary, then it is a travesty. Whatever the longest word is Status: Resolved.

What basketball team has the longest home winning streak? Actually the current running record of 71 home wins belongs to Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon and still running. The UConn women’s basketball team… has won 72 straight home games in a row and counting. MORE What is the hang time of a golf ball? To achieve maximum Hangtime with a golf ball you have to combine the optimum spin rate with the optimum launch angle of the golf ball.

Usually the higher the launch and the lower the spin the better. Angle of attack with ones swing will also affect Hangtime. Yankton and Black Hills on… February 18, I dug around on-line and found that Purdue and Minnesota has a six overtime game in the s. This is another Pre-shot clock game and the source clearly reflects that.

Here’s my last update, I found a USA today article on line from that lists another 5 overtime D-1 game as the fourth longest and does not indicated that it tied for fourth longest. Here are some records broken during the 5 OT game of Baylor v. Longest Big 12 Game Source This game extended to 6 OT, making it tied as the second-longest game in history and the longest of the shot-clock era.

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An Allis Chalmers Tractor. World War II vintage v aircraft engine. Racing engine brand common in Minis and TWD trucks.

The Wahii WaterSlide is the biggest backyard water slide in the world. Manufactured in the USA, the slide is constructed of thick, specially formulated, UV protected plastic. The surface is extremely smooth and rated to hold lbs per square s:

Who has the longest hair? A woman named Xie Quiping held the record in There is another record and it is for a gentleman. Surendranagar inGujarat currently has the longest hair in the world today. Thishasn’t been recorded yet. His hair measures 62 feet long. If you consider dread locks to be hair, an American woman, AshaMandela, has reportedly been accepted by Guinness World Records tohave the longest natural dreadlocks – measuring What is the world record for the longest hair?

Tran Van Hay, 67, has hair which is now 6. A local official said Mr Tran stopped having haircuts after one made him ill.. According to the Thanh Nien Young People newspaper, Mr Tran last washed his hair six years ago, and now usually ties it up and covers it with a scarf..

Harlem Globetrotters Set 9 Guinness World Records!